Sabino de Nichilo was born in Molfetta (BA) in 1972. He studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, the city where he lives and works.
After an exhibition debut in 2009, with an installation presented in the spaces of the cultural center Rialto Santambrogio in Rome, he dedicated himself to the organization of exhibitions (he is among the founders in 2017 of the curatorial project Casa Vuota) and later approaches the practice of sculpture, to painting and performance. He uses ceramics, sometimes assembled with natural and synthetic elements, as the main medium of a research that explores the boundary between organic and inorganic. Depriving the human of his unity and the attributes that define and decode it culturally, Sabino de Nichilo models carnal objects that seem torn from a slaughter or autopsy, but observed with an ironic and bloodless detachment. Through them, he brings to light a sentimental viscerality that tames the alienity of a mutant anatomy with the often garish colors of the end mels that line his sculptures, on which he adds metallic accents, thanks to the firing of a third fire. Metabolizing the cultural instances of the Human Post, his latest sculptures are Extinction Experiments aimed at observing the limits of evolutionary processes.